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Introducing Hosted Exchange services by Nemark Technology in Doncaster

As businesses rely more and more on email and centralised contacts and calendars, more and more businesses are switching to cloud email, also known as hosted email. The switch is being made for several reasons and these include :-

  • High Availability – with a fail over data centre running your email, there is no need to worry about it “going down”
  • Scalability – grows as your business grown without the need for new hardware
  • Software Assurance – no need to keep replacing the Outlook client as you can buy a license monthly with each mailbox you order
  • Future Proof – one day you may have 60 employees, the next 100, now on a normal SBS server this would be a problem, not for our hosted exchange platform, limitation is a thing of the past
  • Microsoft Redundancy – Microsoft have now stopped producing SBS so if you were to have an “exchange” within your business you would need at least 2 servers now, the hosted solution stops this being a requirement
  • Instant IT Support – we are directly connected to the cloud portal meaning that we have the ability to add, change and remove users as you need – no fuss and more importantly no charges!

Here is a typical example of what our clients think to the migration to a new hosted email system.

“We were in the market for a new server but as our business was growing we were going to hit the 75 user limit of a normal server, Nemark recommended a hosted exchange facility and whilst we were sceptical we went with the recommendation as we trust what Nemark say. The move went very well and I have to say they kept to their promise of no downtime whilst the transition happened to the cloud. Our email is more stable and now set for our next growth stage as we hit 2014 running. I would recommend the Nemark Hosted Email service unreservedly.”

Juliette B (Finance Director – Accounting Company)

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