Google has hired the creator of one of the web’s most notorious forums – 4chan. Chris Poole – known as “moot” online – created the site in 2003. It has gone on to be
A type of malware that locks computer files and demands a fee for their release has successfully targeted Apple computers. The security researchers from Palo Alto Networks believe it is the first time ransomware
Apple recalls 12 years of Apple plugs News is just coming out that Apple have issued a voluntary recall on nearly 12 years of the plugs they supply with their iOS and Apple MAC
Email Migration To The Cloud It wasn’t long ago that people were asking “what is the cloud?”, now it seems that everyone has embraced it or in the process of embracing it.  So what
SPAM, what is it and why is it bad? Now just to get one thing clear, we are talking about email SPAM here and not the meat (if you can call it that) variety