Dropbox for Business – better than the free version!

Many people have heard of, and used, the free version of Dropbox.  The it is free because of some severe limitations.  The idea behind “giving away” the service is to demonstrate its massive potential to prospective clients.  Nemark have seen, and exploited, this potential firsthand and that we why we have achieved the relevant competency accreditation to become an official Dropbox Partner.

I think I have heard of Dropbox Free, but what is Dropbox for Business, exactly?

Dropbox is basically a wholesale storage repository with NO limit on space (the free version tops at at 2GB).  This enhanced service, though, has another massive benefit – UNLIMITED versions of each file stored.  Users of this service can rest safe safe in the knowledge that if you needed to revert to a previous version of a file, you can do so.  Imagine – you have a spreadsheet that is edited and saved 3-4 times a day, about 1,200 versions per year.  You could go back to any single one of those versions!

Users would each need their own “seat” and they can be individually assigned access rights to various the folders (read only, read/write etc).  It’s also a boon to share large files with clients as you would simply right click the file, and Dropbox would generate a download link for it.

Lastly, don’t worry about access to files during an outage of internet as users store files locally in their own Dropbox caches. When the internet is restored, sync occurs and all is well. In the event that users share spreadsheets etc., there is a “Dropbox badge” which indicates when another Dropbox user has a file open. Very clever stuff!

Can I access Dropbox from my smartphone or tablet?

Everything you store in Dropbox is readable via the Dropbox app on the iPhone / iPad.  The beauty of which is that as long as you have WiFi (or a generous data tariff) you can view images / documents stored on your Network, with NO local space tied up on the mobile device. If you did need to store a particular file though, you have the option to flag it as a favourite.

Hmm, not sure about users storing files on their own machines.  What if they leave the business?

If users leave the business you can remote-delete the files stored in their Dropbox devices. You can see journals of which users have logged on (and how) and which files they have edited.

We really could go on and on here, but rather than get carried away with our enthusiasm, we’ll just invite you to Contact Us to so that we can tell you more about it and how it could be tailored to your individual requirements!

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