Moving to a new IT Provider

At first, this is a scary thought; you’ve been with your IT Provider for “x” years and initially they were great.  However just lately you feel that complacency has set in, and that they aren’t delivering the service they used to.  Maybe they “got too big” and you feel that you aren’t as important to them.  Whatever the reason, you are now thinking about the possibility of procuring the services of another IT Provider.  So what is stopping you?  Key issues include;

• They know too much about us
• They may hack in and disable our system
• They won’t co-operate with the new IT people during handover

They know your system.  Now, we do too!

Clearly, the outgoing provider will know more about your system that the incoming provider.  However, Nemark have a whole team of highly experienced engineers who, by and large, “have seen it all”.  We don’t see the (short) familiarisation as an obstacle but rather as an opportunity to get several fresh pairs of eyes to look at what you’re doing from an IT perspective and how it might even be done better!   Stagnation is a very dangerous, creeping sort of phenomenon within IT whereby we hear the phrase “we’ve always done it this way” often!  Sometimes you do it a certain way because it’s just the best way!  Frequently, though, it’s just because the IT Provider has been too lazy to set things up right and to show you the Best Practice method.  That’s where Nemark can make a real, immediate and tangible difference.

Don’t think in terms of computers.  Think in terms of BUSINESS.

Nemark are highly unusual in the IT Support industry in that we think differently.  We think about your business in terms of workflow, data requirements and growth, rather than in terms of just “selling you a pile of boxes”.  It’s a refreshing approach and we would encourage you to give us a try!