Affordable, Professional and Modern Web Design

The internet is massively powerful.  Your website is the harness to that power.

In many cases, your website is the first view a potential client gets of your business, so it has to be well received.  Nemark’s Web Design team understands that the products they create need to be professional, modern, intuitive, dynamic and clear.

It is this understanding that is the key to fantastic Design.  Not only of code and development tools, but also of your business.  It would be commercial suicide to have a website designed by a company that does not understand you, or relate to you.  Only when you and your Web Design team are in harmony can a great website be conceived and delivered.

Our Process

We start with our ears!  Yes, our ears!  Through simply listening to what you have to say, we learn about you, your products and services, sales methods, competition, concerns and aspirations.  We then carry out a more detailed assessment of your competitors, agree what you are good at, what you could be better at, what your clients like and want, and what trends / market forces you are subject to.

Nemark have been designing websites since 1997 and in that time have created work for some very interesting and well-known clients. The Web Design arm has grown organically and now boasts a very strong team of web design staff and business development managers to ensure that every project we win is built on the most important of foundations – SUCCESS.

To design and build a successful website, you need a methodical approach to the overview, the design, the client base and the core objectives. Without these the website that is being built is merely just a pretty design hosted on the internet.  By understanding your business goals and needs, we can help you achieve a shorter return on investment by helping to build your brand and market share.

Once we have enough information we go away, grab some coffee and set to work putting together an idea on how to present you and your business to the world.

Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

Understanding the above is really only the start though! Having a fantastic shop window is good for any business but unless people can find the site it is all but useless! At Nemark we understand this and all our web projects are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. Put simply, as your project takes shape, we take the time to ensure that your target market and the common language of your clients is used.  This last point is key, since the common language is a large determining factor to having a website that is responsive to searches.

There’s even more to SEO!

Wwe also offer a professional SEO service and unlike some other agencies, this is available on a monthly basis with minimum contracts starting at only 3 months.  We are so confident in getting results for you that we don’t feel the need to “lock you in” for the usual year.  We don’t try and boast our results though, we demonstrate them. If you are interested in knowing more about the exciting and sometimes mystical world of SEO please feel free to contact us.

“I would not hesitate to use this firm again, nor would I have any issue with recommending their services to anyone who has such a need; their easy yet professional approach was just what we needed, even when we didn’t know what we were actually trying to achieve!”
A. Jepson – Director (Leeds Recruitment Firm)

If you would like to know more about our services or just simply have a chat about your current website please feel free to contact us at any time.

Call us on 01302 540280 or 0113 360 8274 for more information. You can also contact us by clicking the below button.