5 Reasons To Choose This company As Your IT Support Provider

Nemark has over 50 years combined IT experience, working with systems as they have progressed from 16 bit systems little more than word processors to the complex 64bit networks and cloud-based systems employed across the country today.

Our Team is local and our helpdesk telephone number is manned by the engineers who provide you solutions, meaning you speak to people who understand your systems every time you call.

Our remote support tool is easy to use for ad-hoc access and can also be deployed so that we can connect quickly to servers without any intervention from staff.

5 Reasons to choose Nemark.

1 – Broad Experience with over 50 years of experience on Windows systems.

2 – Experience beyond Windows, with the most current technologies employed today; including cloud-based systems such as hosted exchange, office 365 and the peripherals associated such as iPhones/iPads, Android Smart Phones.

3 – Complete IT Support. Beyond servers, Workstations and Cloud solutions we support everything IT. From mobile phones, complete printing/scanning solutions, network and internet connection, websites, domain hosting and office phone systems.

4 – A local team with a helpdesk number manned by experienced engineers who know your system.

5 – Competitive prices offering value for money in today’s market.

To find out more, call out team on 01302 540280 or head over to the Contact Us Page.