4 Main Benfits of using Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

If you’re thinking of moving your physical servers to the cloud, you seriously need to consider Microsoft Azure.

The main benefits of using Microsoft Azure are:

  1. Security. Some people think moving your servers, along with all their data to the cloud, is a security risk. This isn’t the case with Azure. Think about this; Would you rather your server be kept in your office, protected by little more than a lock and possibly CCTV, or a datacentre with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, and biometric readers? It’s not just physical security either. They have a global incident response team that work around the clock in case of any cyber threats.

  2. Cost. If you are needing to replace your servers, there will be a large upfront cost involved. With Azure, this isn’t the case. You are basically paying a rental of the services provided, meaning if you no longer require the server, you can give it up.

  3. Saleability. Another great benefit of Azure is that you can adjust the server power you need on the fly. You no longer need to think about purchasing more RAM, or hard disk space for your physical server. You can simply add more to the server in an instant, and remove it as and when required.

  4. Backup and Disaster Recovery. Microsoft have invested heavily to protect their infrastructure. Unlike traditional servers, which would be using either external devices to backup, or possibly cloud backup. Their server instances are snapshotted frequently, and offer 99 years of retention, should you require it. If you need to recover a server from a previous day, or point in the day, it’s very simple, and much quicker than restoring a physical server.