Cloud Made Easy

Moving from a traditional server and workstation network can seem daunting, let’s face it, change can be stressful if it’s not planned properly.  Let us help you make the transition a seamless one.

At Nemark we have a specialist team of engineers to take care of these delicate and important steps. We start this, as ever, with talking to you and listening. We want to ensure that the right solution is presented to you to ensure it is not just fit for purpose but also scalable and affordable.

Our Process

Prior to doing anything “in anger” we;



Prepare a solution in outline

Then we listen again to any feedback to ensure we have done our job properly and that you are happy with our recommendations.

We build the solution and test internally

At no point during the transition are new emails lost!   They’ll either arrive in their old mailboxes, or the new ones.  We’ll show you how to check both.

When everyone is happy that new mail is flowing properly, we’ll perform a background move to shift mail from the old mailboxes to the new.

After the dust has settled (or while it is settling actually) we’ll continue liaising with staff to ensure they’re happy and that they understand how it all works.

Ongoing, we”ll routinely check the 365 licensing to make sure you’re not paying for licenses that you’re not using.  We can also reset passwords / revoke licenses / remotely wipe lost or stolen phones.  All part of the service.


Our Services


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Our Brochure

Please feel free to download our brochure, it is a small roundup of the services we offer, our ability to deliver complex and reliable solutions to complement the way you work.