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Nemark is an IT Support Company with a difference – we don’t sell only one thing!   We offer hugely variable, competing technologies and are not tied to any one vendor.  This means that you get a solution that’s right for you, not a “best fit” product that happens to be the only one we sell.  On the maintenance front, we cover Remote IT Support Services through to the other end of the scale, where we effectively become your outsourced IT department,  We have been working in the world of IT Support Services since 1996 and have experience with IT Networks dating all the way back to Windows 3.1 and Windows NT – we’ve seen it all!

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Client support

Our fully trained IT Support engineers are on hand in our call centre to assist with any and every IT issue you have.  What’s more this is backed up by a team of dedicated on-site IT Support Engineers.

Individual approach

At Nemark we do not treat every client the same as no two clients have the same requirement.  Our standard approach is first of all to listen to what you, our customer is saying to us.

Free consultation

Most companies charge for consultation.  We however, believe this is part of the customer service approach and is classed as part of the sales process and free to all our support clients..

Customer retention

We do not have sales people – fact!  As you can imagine a business that does not have sales people is extra keen on ensuring that every client is happy with the service and this coupled with our conscious efforts to reduce your costs helps keep clients.

Project management

As IT infrastructure changes and evolves there are times that you may need to change direction with your IT. Our project Management Services team are happy to discuss your requirements and help steer you in the right direction.

Quality guarantee

Nemark have a full accredited system in place for every client which allows us to ensure the highest standards of work for you and your IT Network, to ensure our quality of service remains at the highest level.

Cost efficiency

Our trained IT engineers and consultants are here to help and as part of that one of the key drivers is to ensure that every solution or suggestion is put together for both time and hardware efficiency and of course cost efficiency and ROI.

Customer satisfaction

A big part of our support is talking to our clients and this is enables us to ensure our clients are happy with the service they receive. 

Over 200 happy clients, continually growing!

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