Innovative Solutions

Our team of technical experts have perfected implementation strategies to seamlessly equip you with the technology and tools you need for your business.  They team regularly goes go way beyond the traditional, and is prepared to think outside the box so that your requirements are met and your expectations surpassed.

square pegs, round holes

Rather than being happy to sell you an off-the-peg solution, we will identify those technologies that are required for your specific use case.  The plan will be designed to fit your business perfectly in terms of end-user experience, function and, of course, cost.  At the end of the day, you want a solution, not a pile of boxes


Our 24/7/365 ticketing system means that you can keep track of more complicated issues, or those with multiple stages of development, at any time, day or night.  Everything is documented and available to you for consideration or discussion.  Many IT Support companies will make your own technical data invisible to you, to keep you dependent on them; we believe in total transparency and the goodwill that comes from it.


Where most of our competitors seem to work rigidly to pre-arranged SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) we routinely smash ours with responses measured in minutes not hours or, according to some horror stories incoming clients have told us, days.  We see an incoming issue as an opportunity to impress you; why would we wait to do THAT?

Real Talk

When a new client comes to us with a problem, we take time to actually talk them, and to understand their underlying business.  Once we’ve had the discussion and considered everything we can use our a large arsenal of proven tools and techniques to address the highlighted issues or concerns.  We avoid the common pitfalls because we’ve seen them before!