Disaster Recovery

No one thinks it will happen to them. The truth is, it might.

The most valuable part of your Network is not your server. It is your data. Just imagine – there is an accident at work and your server goes down, you lose all your data and none of your staff can work. You immediately lose most of your productivity, and also face a long road back as lost data is recovered / reconstituted / mourned!

Lost productivity, lost sales, lost debtor lists – avoid this potential nightmare by letting Nemark take the stress and worry out of your data backup and restoration procedures. Contact Us, or call now on 0844 887 1660, before it’s too late!

Data - The most important part of your business

Keeping your data safe should be paramount.  Amazingly, though, in our 60% of server failure cases, the available backups only contain part of what has been lost, or “haven’t been working for the last few weeks” or worse still, have not been done at all. Can you imagine what it would do to your cash flow if you lost your accounts data? Taking a backup sounds a simple and straightforward process, yet so many businesses do it incorrectly at best.

Our cloud-based, off-site back up service addresses this by ensuring the right practices are invoked across your network to ensure your data is in one place ready to be backed up correctly, safely and efficiently.

Our backup services include:-

  • Active monitoring of server backups, meaning that we know about an issue long before you ask. 99.7% of the time, we have fixed the issue before it becomes a problem
  • Advanced system imaging to ensure your running Server configuration is stored safely in case of a disaster recovery invocation – available on request
  • On-site Hard Drive backup; using our monitoring service we ensure that your on-site daily backups run smoothly and efficiently
  • Off-site backups; we partner with one of the UK’s leading off-site backup providers and ensure that your data is kept safe in a secure Data Centre for speedy retrieval as required
Even further than the above, we have also embraced the Cloud option when it comes to daily working practices too; we are now a Dropbox for Business Premier Partner offering you the “on the go” backup in real time!
In summary, entrusting your data to Nemark means placing it in some of the safest hands in the industry.

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