How to protect your PC / Laptop from Spyware

How to protect your PC / Laptop from Spyware

We now hopefully know that there are multiple tools available for “killing” Spyware that has infected your Windows installation, but the informed among you will know that prevention is always better than cure so, how do we stop these infections from occurring in the first place?

1. Diligence

a. Don’t click on links you’re unsure of

b. Don’t allow installers to install “surprise” software during the installation of other applications

c. THINK! Is the website I am on “legit” or “dodgy”? If it’s the latter, either leave it or be super-diligent

2. Defensiveness

a. Consider anti-spyware tools that offer pro-active “stop them before they start” features, meaning that clean-up isn’t necessary because the infection never takes hold. To extend the analogy, think about getting a flu jab at the start of winter, rather than Lemsip in the middle of it!

b. Use good spam filters to stop “tempting” emails sneaking through to test your inquisitiveness! Almost without exception, these emails contain malicious links that can be very bad news indeed, often encrypting your files and holding you to ransom for the unlock key, which is often no use anyway

If you’re in any doubt at all as to the state of your current defences, or how to shore them up against the ever-growing number of cyber threats, then Contact Us to get some good solid advice, possibly a health check and in any event, a definite way forward towards the total peace of mind that we should all be able to enjoy.