Coping with Rapid Growth

Nemark was introduced (via an existing client) to a firm of solicitors who had recently experienced very rapid growth in the form of them acquiring a number of smaller businesses. The end result was that the IT infrastructure was fragmented across some 8 satellite offices as well as the original main office.

Without a coherent Network in place, it was impossible for the firm to work as a whole and they were forced to operate as a simple collection of smaller, separate businesses. Not only were staff basically tied to individual offices, they were unable to “hot desk” within those offices. Thus, a massive injection of workplace flexibility was required.


After surveying the various options and taking into consideration the management’s medium / long term business requirements, Nemark introduced a firm-wide Remote Desktop function, meaning users could work with their familiar Desktop no matter where they were based, be it HQ, a branch office, home, hotel or client site.

With this centralisation came the decommissioning of the branch servers, easier backup management and the ability to centrally administer security policies.


The firm believes that the initial cost of this intervention will be repaid within 18 months through;

1) Greater productivity and efficacy from the staff

2) Lower support overheads through fewer servers

3) Tighter control over securities meaning less outages through virus outbreak etc.