Drobox Case Study 3

Utility Detection Firm

Saving money and reducing admin time with a simple Dropbox solution that allowed the removal of servers and complicated paper processes.

The challenge

Remain online and productive during the pandemic and find a long-term alternative to time-wasting filing processes.

The solution

Dropbox: a tool that makes file-sharing easy for even the most tech-phobic team members, whether they’re on-site or working from home.

About the Company

Based in the UK, this firm specialises in utility detection and 3D mapping for clients including BT and the Ministry of Defence, among others.  They produce maps and blueprints of buried pipes, cables and other utilities – so that clients know exactly what they’ll find when they start digging.

Previously there was a strong reliance on paper processes to share information between office staff, on-site teams and clients. But when the pandemic hit, this became impossible.  So, naturally, they turned to Nemark, their trusted IT partner of 20 years, to help solve this issue.

We’ve been working with Nemark for 20 years and they have my implicit trust. So when they advised Dropbox in March 2020, we got started straight away.”

Rick Parfitt

Operations Director

More than just a quick fix

Nemark was involved in every stage of the transition to Dropbox. With employees from different generations, the team have varying levels of tech literacy, so Nemark had a valuable role to play in helping everybody get up to speed with the solution.

With Dropbox set up, it was clear that a resource was now in place that could keep them going throughout the pandemic.  Not only that: Rick and his team quickly realised Dropbox gave them the opportunity to save money, time and effort in the long term.

Goodbye to paper and disorder

Before Dropbox, the business was bogged down by an inconsistent mess of paper and server-based documents.  They were wasting significant time, energy and paper due to laborious printing, shredding and filing processes.  Thanks to Dropbox, they now have a single digital version of every document that everyone can access.  No more printers, shredders and filing cabinets.

Compliance made simple

Dropbox makes it easy to adhere to the many compliance standards that the organisation is governed by. With GDPR, for instance, they can easily set permissions on files and folders with sensitive information to manage access.  This is much simpler than controlling access to the mess of servers, paper forms and filing cabinets that formed the basis of the system that was Dropbox’s predecessor.

Connecting teams around the world

There are frequent requirements to send on-site teams far-flung locations to conduct surveys.  Before Dropbox, staff needed to be armed with hard copies of all the necessary documents. This was inefficient and stopped them receiving updates or change requests while they were on site. Now, teams can access files through Dropbox, wherever they are, and view their most recent versions just seconds after they’ve been updated.

A better deal

When Covid-19 restrictions were introduced in March 2020, a way to continue was urgently required.  Dropbox allowed this continuation, but also much more; it helped them move on from their outdated, costly and laborious paper-based processes. Now, they can save money, accelerate processes and quickly get information out to their on-site teams, wherever they may be.  Thanks to the guidance and support of Nemark, they have a long-term file sharing solution they can rely on.

Dropbox has done more than simply help deliver a reaction to the pandemic. It has helped them save time, space and money.  Moving on from binders and paper documents has transformed how they work;

Before Dropbox, our staff had to visit work sites carrying paper copies of dozens of documents. Now, they can access these digitally from their mobile devices. It’s made things so much quicker, easier and more efficient.”

Rick Parfitt

Operations Director

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