IT Support in Yorkshire

When we look at our lush green fields, rolling hills and farmlands, we don’t automatically think “IT Support” but, Yorkshire’s commercial sectors are as thriving as its crops and similarly, the Technology needs tending!

Itself based in South Yorkshire, Nemark understands the unique economic climates that prevail across the county, and have tailored their services to accommodate each one, based on need and with a view our adopting a flexible approach.

In short, we understand that every business is the same and that equally, a firm’s problems and aspirations can differ. That said, we have found that without fail, Yorkshire companies appreciate the following from their IT Support Company;

Honesty – We tell it like it is, in plain English (or techno-babble if you’re so inclined). We’ll come up with solutions to problems, and you don’t pay until they’ve proven to work.

Transparency – Faults / issues are clearly identified, with our findings documented Throughout the process. Any aspect of your Network can be explained and nothing needs to be left a mystery! Too often we talk to firms who tell us that their IT Support provider don’t really communicate with them. Well, we do!

Value – It’s no good being great if people can’t afford us! Our tariffs are transparent, modular (you can see exactly what costs what) and above all, reasonable. We’re probably among the lowest costs you’ll get, but we’re definitely the best value for your IT Support budget.

Speed – The above matters not if you’re left waiting days or weeks for the solution. To avoid this, we agree SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) prior to contract commencement and then we stick to them.

If you would like your expectations exceeded, contact us and we’ll begin the process of making your IT Support look easy.

Why are Nemark different?

  • We’re a committed team with over 20 years’ experience, and we’re humble enough to care about each and every client
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re local or not, our equipment allows us to connect with you and help you as if we were there
  • We’re a human to human company, rather than business to business. We enjoy communicating with you, you know what’s going on and we’re always happy to help
  • Lastly, we are real people who care for your IT systems and safety
For more information on how we can help your business run smoothly, please contact us here.

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