Keeping Vigilant

2017 and, in fact, 2016 have been major years for Malware / Spyware events. These malicious programs have entered our laptops, our servers and our whole computer infrastructures, causing chaos across virtually every business sector.

As a small business, you may think that if the likes of a TV station, Film Studio or even the NHS can be a victim, what chance does a small, less well-funded network have of fending off these attacks? Well, one thing is for sure, it does not have to cost the earth, it doesn’t have to bring your network to a grinding halt and it doesn’t require a team of 20 programmers defending your servers!

First and foremost, the best solution is training – advise your staff what to look for in identifying fake emails. Encourage a culture of “should I open this?” rather than thinking “ooh, I have a tax refund” or “what parcel is coming from FedEx?”. Cultural awareness is the cheapest and best safety net that you, as a business, can implement. Now you may say, “well surely software can do all this, a SPAM filter perhaps?” and you would be right. However, you have to remember that a spam filter is a “reactive service” in that it has to learn what is happening and decide if it is SPAM or not before it takes action and this can be TOO LATE!

In fact, from a technical viewpoint, SPAM defences are only the start and the big guns use much more powerful and sophisticated defence mechanisms and technologies. If you really want to be as bulletproof as possible, why not find out how we help our clients defend against Ransomware and Spyware attacks? It’s a simple call – 01302 540280.