Cloud Migration

So we have all heard about hosted email and “moving our IT to the cloud”. What actually is it and how do I know it is right for my business?

Well firstly Read More, we would not recommend that you take this journey alone for many reasons. It is always better to use your current IT Support provider or a good IT contractor or consultant. Of course, these people should get to know your business first, how it runs and what if anything it is struggling with. From there the consultant should be able to go through projects they may have already completed for a working template of what could possibly work for you or draw on experience for other businesses that face the same or similar challenges or. Anyone coming into your business and telling you what you want before they even know what you need should be shown the door very quickly!

Anyway, going back to the task in hand, you as the business owner or office manager maybe, should create a list of what you want out of a cloud migration and where you want to be at the end of it. Remember don’t be shy of asking questions of the consultant, that’s what you are paying him/her for after all!

By the time you have gone through the consultation process and fact-finding mission you should have a solid plan of what you want and have a shopping list of what services you want. Now, a lot of companies then start to shop around to get the “cheapest” price for that service or a similar service, but remember, the solutions tabled are generally designed around your needs and you would be doing yourself and your business an injustice if you just try and save a pound or two!

So where do we come into this bit of free advice? Well, simple really, we want to get to know your business, we want to help you get the right services for your business. If you want to find out how we can help you please call us on 01302 540280 or hit the Contact Us button.