Free Business IT Health Check

Just like your car, your boiler and even yourself, your IT network can always benefit from a health check!

At Nemark, we have a multi-point check that covers the PC’s, laptops, domain, the server (if you have one), your internet connection and everything in between. We want your network to be safe, secure and reliable and having a regular health check can benefit you, your staff and of course your bottom line profit. Imagine if your network was a victim of a Ransomware attack because you had forgotten to update your Anti Virus, or your firewall was not locked down correctly so hackers were taking your data and more importantly your client’s information and in some cases credit and financial details.

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to ensure your computer network is safe, secure and backed-up.

Allow Nemark to do a health check on your network, you never know a simple call to us could save an attack or even worse the loss of your company data!