Moving Office?

It’s an unfortunate feature of business life – at some point, you may have to think about moving premises. This may be due to a need for more space, additional security, reduction of overheads or even a shift in business direction. Maybe you simply think it’s time to buy your own place!

Whatever the reason, and as with private residences, the act of moving can be very stressful, especially if you trade in the service sector, or where you need to be highly reactive to client requests and requirements.

At Nemark, we understand that your Computer Network is key to the operation of your business and as such, we can offer a fully managed process to handle the move. This service has come into being after seeing so many businesses fail in the basic planning stages, then paying the price later in terms of temporary loss of services, availability of key business functions, you name it! It’s all well and good to book the movers, get the insurance sorted and a new internet line in, but what happens when you set up at the new office and your email stops or you are unable to scan to email?

As experienced planners in this type of operation, we manage the whole risk of the process from the decommissioning of the servers (if present), ensuring you have your data securely backed up, to ensuring you can send email from your new internet connection (not always as easy as plug and play!). We have a fully tested set of procedures to ensure your move goes exactly to plan and all your staff are back up and working in the least amount of time possible.

To find out more about our Office Migration Process call us on 01302 540280 or hit the “Contact Us” button. We look forward to helping you to move in to your new offices soon!