Data Encryption – how to keep your data safe

I decided to write this post after reading the horrific news this morning about a USB stick being found containing vital security information about cameras, staff and ID badge requirements at Heathrow Airport. On top of that, it is also reported that it mentions security information relating to the Royal family!

In the report, it mentions that a USB stick was found on the street loaded with the confidential information but alarmingly not passworded protected or encrypted. In all honesty, I cannot understand why in this day and age people carry sensitive information around on a stick that can be lost or stolen, surely it would be better in the cloud with either biometric or password protected with 2-factor authentication being required to access? In any event, I think that once they find the author of the USB stick they will most probably be for the high jump!

Anyway, if the above comments or the actual news story have given you a something to worry about in your business network or how you manage your data, you can rest assured that by speaking to us as an ISO27001 accredited IT Security provider, we are well placed to advise and install procedures to ensure your data stays where it belongs, with you!