Firewall – is your network safe?

What is a Firewall?

If you have a business computer network you will almost certainly have some kind of firewall. This can take one of two forms – a piece of hardware (like a network switch) or simply a function of your internet router. The purpose of a firewall is to act as a screen between your trusted network and the internet. Its aim is to stop hackers, destructive data “packets” and other malicious activities, from breaching the divide between the internet and your private Network. I suppose you could think of a firewall as a fish net, the smaller the holes (and the smaller the number of holes) the less chance of threats getting through!

Most modern routers have an “OK” firewall and given the right skill and knowledge, you can configure it to keep your network free from attacks. Even in today’s modern office and with office managers constantly worried about security the firewall is still a very weak link in the defence to the network as they are often not optimised to offer adequate resistance or worse still, are of insufficient sophistication to be considered “up to the job”.

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