Meet Bob! Your Remote Support Technician

Hi I’m Bob – the Virtual Engineer, well not really; I am just a random cartoon purchased from a “stock image site” to make me look more human! Whatever! Whilst I am here I might as well tell you about the benefits of having a Remote IT Support Service, okay?

Historically, when something went wrong with a computer or server, an IT engineer would be sent to site to diagnose and then fix the issue. In some cases it could be literally hours before the engineer showed up and extreme situations could comprise multiple offices and physical attendance might not happen until the following business day!

Back in 1996 when the internet was still very young, and Windows 95 was the best thing since sliced bread, things started to change. Technology advanced in such a way that other helpful services evolved to assist computer engineers in their bid to deal with reported problems in an ever faster manner. This, coupled with increasingly capable (read: broadband, then broader band!) internet connections soon brought the Remote IT Support Service to the forefront of the offerings of IT Support Company who valued their clients.

At Nemark we developed a similar offering, and that’s me! The Virtual Engineer! 11 years on and my functionality and accessibility has improved beyond compare, allowing me to use more and more professional tools to assist our clients in getting faster and more reliable computer support exactly when they need it most, i.e. NOW!