FREE IT Network Audit for businesses in Doncaster and Leeds

FREE IT Network Audit

Having a computer network that runs well is good for your business. Having one that can runs well and is safe and secure is paramount in today’s cyber crime world!

All too often we see and hear about networks that have been hacked or had Trojan’s installed or worst of all Ransomware such as Cryptolocker or Wannacry. These particular instances can be devastating to your business and your reputation.

By allowing us to do a free network audit, we can look at your disaster recovery plan, your backup schedules and regime along with your network perimeter to ensure your firewalls and SPAM filters are doing what they are supposed to.

Our experience shows that even if you have the best Anti-Virus money can buy if it is not set up correctly and the right access levels are given to staff and users, the money spent can literally be a total waste.

To book your free IT Audit simply call 01302 540280 or hit the Contact Us button. Don’t leave it too long and become one of the 365,000 firewall breaches or 230,000 cyber-attacks that happen every year to UK businesses.