When is Office 365 Hosted Email right for you?

If you work in an office environment or use IT for part of your business (and lets face it, pretty much everyone needs IT to do at least one part of their work), then you will have seen advertisements or promotions for Microsoft Office 365 packages.

These packages range from basic email addresses to Microsoft Office software, right up to virtualised desktops and hosted telephone systems such as Skype for Business or Lync. So we have established that you use a computer which means you may communicate over email? Some people are happy to use one of the free applications such as Google Mail or Outlook.com but what if you want to portray a more professional look to the outside world? Some businesses may even have their own server which manages and acts as their email server – but what if you don’t want to have a server or don’t have the need for a server?

Introducing Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Email! There are various packages that you can pick from starting with a basic mailbox, additional spam filters with 10 year archiving and much more. Below we explain what these options are in a little more detail along with the benefits of them:-

Basic Email Box – This is a hosted email box which sits on a secure Microsoft Server and the data resides in the UK – some professions suck as Law requires this to be the case.


  • Secure
  • Spam Filtered
  • Always on no matter where you are in the world
  • Full Failover meaning even if the server you are on fails, it will switch to another without incident or loss of data
  • Ability to share your mailbox over several devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops at the same time. Moreover, if you send an email from your mobile, you can check the sent item on your laptop and it will be there too!
  • Small monthly cost with no expensive maintenance

Enhanced Spam Filter – this is an additional more controllable platform of spam filter over and above the one that comes with the standard mailbox package.


  • Ensures you are not spending most of your day deleting unwanted emails
  • By having the added filtering, it cuts down on the risk of virus and spyware spreading to your devices
  • A low additional cost to the standard mailbox charge
  • By having the 10 year archive you are ensuring that data is saved for a sufficient amount of time if you need it to retrieve and refer to

So in answer to the headline title the answer to when do you need to move to Office 365 hosted email, is it simply, if you or your business needs to ensure that you have a reliable email facility and are looking for a trusted Microsoft Partner, please feel free to contact us on01302 540280 or hit the contact us button.