Choosing the right IT Support Company – 5 great questions to ask yourself!

Here are 5 great questions when considering an IT Support Services provider.

Are they approachable?

Is their website clear? Do they welcome calls, emails, support tickets? Do you get to speak to real people, who know your site? You can retain the services of the most experienced IT Support provider in the world, but if you aren’t able to communicate effectively with them, you’re losing out.

Do they know what they are doing?

Okay so they’re approachable. Great. But when you do need help, are they competent? Do they have a skillset that matches your business requirements? Have they dealt with businesses similar to yours?

Are they responsive?

Granted, this is somewhat open-ended and relative, in part, to the complexities of your site and the questions you ask of them, but do they come back to you within a time that YOU consider to be reasonable? A quality answer / solution has to be timely as well – it’s no good if it’s 3 weeks late!

Do they care about my firm?

It’s human nature, isn’t it? If you care about something, you always want to give your best in the pursuit of it. Choose a firm that is as passionate about your firm as you are, that wants to see you succeed!

Do they represent value for money?

Highly subjective, of course, and only you know how much you value IT Support that ticks every box. Whilst it’s true to say that nothing is for free, the aim here is to find a firm that can deliver the above, but which isn’t trying to break your bank in the process.

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