5 Questions you should ask if you want to go with Office 365

Should I go with Office 365? 5 great questions to ask yourself!

Why am I considering Office 365?

What are the key business drivers for doing so? Removal of servers? Increased resilience of email and spam protection? Getting up to date with Microsoft Office versions? Clearly define where you would like to be and then you can think about whether Office 365 represents the right path to tread.

Can I afford it?

If your server(s) are aging, or you’re faced with large-scale purchase of Office 365 licenses, then you’re into a classic CAPEX v OPEX situation. By this we mean, you need to compare the capital cost of replacing servers / outright purchase of licenses, against the “rental” model offered by Office 365. Perhaps the question will then be, can I afford NOT to?

Is it reliable?

It’s more reliable than the single / dual server that most small businesses use! Uptime for email (for example) is typical higher than 99% annually.

Can I get other software under my Office 365 tenancy?

You can get a whole host of products and services via the Office 365 platform. It’s not just Word, Excel and Outlook any more! With Skype For Business, for example, you can even set up an entire VOIP phone system complete with auto-attendant and voicemail, with no on-premise phone system!

Is it easy to adopt?

Highly subjective, of course, and dependent on the complexity of your current Network, and desired future set up. Clearly the smallest, simplest Networks will be the easiest to migrate, but no size is insurmountable! With the right delivery partner, working closely with you throughout the process, the answer to this is an emphatic yes!

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