Helpful Tips to connect your iPhone to an Office 365 Mailbox

Connecting your iPhone to office 365 is fairly straight forward. Follow the below steps to get up and running in no time at all:
  1. Firstly, from the home screen of your iPhone, browse to Settings, scroll down to Accounts & Passwords, and select Add Account.

2. On the next screen, select Exchange:

3. Enter your Office 365 email address, and a description for the account. This can be anything, such as “Office 365 Email”.

4. Click Next, and you should be prompted to Sign in. At the Office 365 home page, sign in with your details, and accept the notification that Office 365 will make changes to your device.

5.Select which services to sync, and click Save:

  You’re now all set! If you need help or assistance please feel free to call ou support team on 01302 540280 or hit the Contact Us button.