How Our Remote IT Support Service Works

While working on their PC’s your staff will sometimes need a little advice and a conversation with a helpful Nemark technician will set them on their way.

Then there are times the user will need the technician to see the issue directly so that they can see the exact issue. At Nemark we have a very simple and hassle-free way of connecting to your computers and servers and we call it the Virtual Engineer.

By clicking the “Remote Support” button on the Nemark website an automatic download will provide them with a unique ID number that they can use to allow our Remote Engineer to connect.

The Remote Engineer is then able to see exactly what the user sees on their screen and can even take direct control of the PC and fix the problems remotely meaning less waiting time for the user and less downtime for the business in general. It’s like having the engineer sat at the desk with you.

To know more about our Virtual Engineer Service and other Remote Support Services please call our team on 01302 540280 or navigate to our Contact Us page.