Benefits of moving to Dropbox

Benefits of moving your file storage to Dropbox

If you’ve not already moved your file storage to the cloud, you may still be using a traditional file storage server. Ask yourself honestly, does this get backed up regularly? Does the data get moved off site once the backup is finished? Do you ever do test restores to check it actually works? You may even pay for a remote offsite backup, which could be expensive depending on the amount of data.

Could Dropbox make your file storage simpler, and more cost effective? Read on!

  • You may have already used Dropbox – the free edition gives users 2GB when they sign up. You will know how easy it is to share files with other people, and also how to access it on multiple devices. However, the Free version is just the start. There’s also Dropbox Standard and Advanced, which offer much much more.
  • Dropbox for Small Businesses. This is similar to the free edition in the way it works, however the storage capacity is hugely greater. It is offered as Dropbox for business Standard, and Advanced. Below are the differences you need to know about before deciding on which could be right for you:

Standard Advanced (Includes everything in Standard plus)
2TB Storage (1000x more than Free version) – Unlimited Storage
120 Days file history – Advanced Admin Controls
256bit SSL/AES Encryption – Tiered Admin Roles
Smart Sync – File event tracking
Granular Sharing Permissions – Device Approvals
Remote Device Wipe – Single SignOn
Two-factor Authentication -Phone Support
Live Chat Support

  • The file history feature that comes with both Standard and Advanced can be a lifesaver. Imagine one of your users has worked on a document, deleted some content and saved over it. You’ve only just noticed two weeks later. With Dropbox’s 120 Day file history, you can simply rewind back to the file you need. The file will then be resynched with all connected devices. If you need more than 120 Days history, this can also be extended to unlimited wih “higher” tarrifs.

  • With Dropbox, you can work from anywhere, anytime, from literally any device with an internet connection! By utilising Smart Sync, it doesn’t matter if you’ve not got enough space to store all the data, as you can leave most in the cloud, and just sync the actual files / folders you need. If you go to work on a file still in the cloud, it’ll be downloaded automatically for you to work on there and then. You can link virtually any Android or iPhone to Dropbox, so you will always have access to your important data.

  • If you have an employee leave, you may be worried that they have access to sensitive company information. With Dropbox, you can remotely wipe the device’s data, to ensure they no longer have access.

  • Speaking of security, to guard against user passwords being guessed or leaked, two factor authentication can be utilised. Upon logging in, a mobile device would have to be used to generate a unique code to be separately entered before access is allowed.

For the above reasons, we consider Dropbox to be highly versatile. By having your data in a Dropbox repository, you also negate the need for a backup! Your data is protected by being in the cloud, and backed up multiple times across multiple redundant data centres. You no longer have to have the worry of changing tapes, ensuring the backups ran successfully, or even worked correctly! By ensuring your Dropbox is showing connected and up to date, all your data is fully synced to the cloud.