5 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional IT Support Services

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Having someone to rely on in business is always welcomed. From staff, to bank managers, to legal counsel and other professional services. One service sometimes gets overlooked, yet it is one that is the one that keeps your business running each and every day. Of course, we are talking about IT Support!

  1. Business Continuity. How would you cope if your email systems went down? Could your staff carry on with their jobs from home in such cases as the recent snow storms? With professional IT support, you can have systems in place to make sure things such as Internet failure, Office closures etc don’t impact on the working day.

  2. Security. You need to make sure your PC’s are up to date, and are using a trusted antivirus solution. With professional IT Support, we can ensure all systems are being patched, and antivirus software us up to date. With the recent explosion in Ransomware attacks, this is now more important than ever.

  3. Backups. Are you certain that in the event of a fire, your data is securely backed up offsite? It’s no good having a backup but then leaving the backup devices onsite, as not only would this be lost in a disaster, but ransomware can also encrypt external drives still connected to the network. With professional IT Support, we can ensure you are backing up your data in the safest possible way.

  4. Efficiency. Are you getting the most out of the software you’ve already purchased? Are staff doing things the old-fashioned way and not aware of newer technologies that could save time, and make their jobs easier? With Professional IT support, we can implement better ways to get the jobs they are already doing, done faster. Thus increasing efficiency and maybe even boosting staff morale.

  5. Client Retention and Trust. Think about it, if your network and business suffered a failure that would stop you from giving anything from 100% to your clients you are in danger of firstly losing the client in the first instance and also creating the wrong impression to others affected by the system failure.