IT Support in / near Barnsley

Looking for a new IT Support Provider near Barnsley? Here’s 5 things to look for

We know it can be a minefield. We hear it all the time;

“My provider used to be okay, but seems complacent lately”

“I can never get hold of them”

“They seem to want to charge me extra for EVERYTHING”

“They leave jobs unfinished”

“The problems are fixed for a while, but then comes back”

“I just want a solution, not another empty sales pitch and broken promise”

If any of the above sound familiar ask yourself some questions about the company you’ve decided you might like to try:-

1. Do they have a proven track record?

Nemark can cite multiple current references, very often from clients in similar industries to your own, to attest to our credential

2. How accessible are they?

We can be contacted during office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm) by phone or email, and you can raise a ticket via our dedicated portal on a 24/7 basis. This ticket will form the basis of the remedial work and you can see at every stage, what’s been done and what remains. Only when the job is complete, and the record of the work is made, will the ticket be closed – AND you can reopen it yourself if you’re in any way dissatisfied!

3. Are their terms clear and their prices reasonable?

Prior to commencement of contract, we go through everything in quite some detail, especially those important items such as response times, and what’s covered! As for the pricing, we believe we offer the best value support in the UK, with remote support tariffs starting from just £4 per month per machine!

4. Do they care?

Yes, we care. Our availability assures you of that! You get to speak to real people, who know your site and your technological objectives. When we make recommendations for improvement, it’s on the back of actual experience and if the changes don’t do what we say they will, we will reverse it without charge. That’s how confident we are in the advice we give.

5. Will they handle the transition from my current provider, smoothly?

Yes we will. We’ve done it many many times. More often than not, the outgoing provider is decent and professional but we put plans in place to guard against that, if they’re not. We’ll walk you through the whole process before you need to give any notification to your current provider.

Still not convinced? Why not contact us, or give us a call on 01302 540280 and talk through your specific issues and requirements? We’d be happy to come and see you too, if you wish! No obligations. No pressure. What have you got to lose?