Sheffield. IT Support for the Steel City.

As your firm is based in Sheffield, you’ll likely know some of its history! Stainless and Crucible Steel were developed here, along with many other innovations that fuelled the Industrial Revolution. Nemark, too, appreciates innovation; we recognise that no two problems are automatically the same, and sometimes the solution comes from mixing different technologies, just as Sheffield’s past masters learned to mix molten materials!
So, consider us your crucible! Pour in your problems, and we’ll deliver the solution.
Aside from these parallels, you could reasonably ask… what is it that makes Nemark a good fit for us? How about;

1. A proven track record

We collect great references like milkmen collect empties! More than likely, we’ll be able to cite references from your very field or, at least, a closely related one.

2. We’re Accessible. We’re Accountable.

We can be contacted during office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm) by phone or email, and tickets can be raised via our website on a 24/7/365 basis. This ticket will form the “work chit” and will be a dialogue between you and our engineering team. You will be able to see, at every stage, what’s been done and what remains. When the job is complete, you’ll have a record of what had been done, and the ticket will neatly close. In the unlikely event you find an issue with the work, can reopen it yourself and we’ll escalate accordingly.

3. Solid, fair, reasonable pricing. No hidden extras.

Prior to commencement of contract, we go through everything with you so that your questions can be answered and fears allayed in terms of what is covered under the agreement. As for the IT Support pricing, we think it represents the best value in the UK, with remote support tariffs starting from just £4 per month per machine.

4. Does Nemark actually CARE?

Yes, and resoundingly so. All you need do is call us to get proof of that. You’ll speak to real people, people who know your site, your commercial and technological objectives. Moreover, “if and when” we make recommendations for improvement, it’s on the back of actual site experience, so we know it will be good for you. To that end, if the changes don’t do what we say they will, we will reverse them without charge. We’re that confident in our ability, honesty and integrity.

5. Can you move us from our current provider without too much fuss?

Yes we can. We’ve done it hundreds of times. Usually the outgoing provider is decent and professional but we put plans in place to guard against every eventuality, including belligerence, vindictiveness and petulance! We’ll be with you through the whole process and you’ll see the plan in full before there is any need to notify your current provider.

Would you like to know more? Contact us, or give us a call on 01302 540280 and we can talk through your specific issues and requirements. We’d be happy to come and see you too, if you wish! No obligations. No pressure. What have you got to lose?