Leeds. It used to be about the wool. Now it’s about TECHNOLOGY.

As a business manager in Leeds, you’ll likely be aware that the city began life as a cloth Town, with the major material being wool. How times have changed! Leeds is now a major UK City and has a thriving industrial heart, hosting Blue Chip companies and a strong financial sector.

Nemark is a strong advocate for development and growth; we help our clients do this every single day by letting them concentrate on the smooth running of their businesses while we look after the gears of the machine, namely the Information Technology.
Before you decide to make the leap to organisational life under our protection though, it might be pertinent for you to ask some searching questions. Questions like;

  • Are you reliable? Do you know what you’re doing? Can we trust you?

We have been in the business of looking after client technology for over 20 years. We have amassed a considerable client base and count ourselves fortunate to be able to call upon willing referees across a great many sectors. Chances are we’ll be able to provide references from your very field or, at least, a closely related one.

  • Our current IT people can be evasive – are YOU?

Absolutely not. Our phones are manned by real people (not a call centre) during office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm), and you can email support@nemark.co.uk too! Outside of these hours tickets can be raised through our website on a 24/7/365 basis. This ticket will act as a journal, allowing Nemark and the client to work together to solve the issue. It’s a totally transparent process and you’ll be able to see, at any point, what’s been done and what remains. When the job is complete, we’ll have a record of it all, and the ticket will be allowed to close. In the very unlikely that the issue returns, you can reopen it yourself and we’ll escalate accordingly.

  • What about your pricing? We don’t like hidden extras!

Before we begin supporting your firm, go through everything in quite some detail so that your questions can be answered and fears allayed in terms of what is covered under the agreement. As for the IT Support pricing, we think it represents the best value in the UK. For example, our end-user remote support tariffs start from just £4 per month per machine!

  • I often feel like “just another number” with our current provider. Will you be any different?

Yes! Absolutely. We look to prove this during every point of contact, be it spoken, or via email / ticket. During the former you’ll speak to real people who know your site, and have some appreciation as to what it is you’re trying to achieve both technically, and commercially! Another example can be made when we make suggestions for improvement; any such recommendations are made on the back of actual experience with your firm and its technology, so we know it will be good for you. Even better, if the changes don’t work, we will reverse them without charge. We’re that confident in our ability, honesty and integrity.

  • Won’t it be a nightmare to move from our current provider? They can be a little awkward.

Not usually. We’ve this many many times and more often than not, the outgoing provider is decent and professional. Nevertheless, we do put plans in place to guard against every eventuality, including deliberate obstruction and worse, sabotage. We’s be with you through the whole process and we will agree a plan of action with you prior to you having to give any formal notice to the current provider.
Would you like to know more? Contact us, or give us a call on 01302 540280 and we can talk through your specific issues and requirements. We’d be happy to come and see you too, if you wish! No obligations. No pressure. What have you got to lose?