How to check if your PC / Laptop has Spyware

You know the feeling, like something’s amiss with your PC but you aren’t sure what it is. You start asking yourself questions like;

“Was my PC always this slow?”

“Why am I getting all these pop-ups when I go on the internet?”

“Why is my web browser crashing all the time?”

The answer to all these questions could be as simple as “Spyware Infection” and thankfully in most cases, the solution is relatively straightforward too, in that you need to download a Malware Removal tool to clean up your PC. Before you jump into that though, be aware that not all such tools are created equal in that some are easier to use than others and perversely, some are even fake tools designed to further damage your computer’s Windows installation!

In short, use a trusted tool like Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyWare or SpyBot S&D (Search And Destroy). Importantly though, download these tools from the original website. Do not download them from general software repositories as these sites are often also riddled with spyware and also, “false download links”, meaning that you click to download your preferred tool only to find out that you’re downloading something completely different and often, something unsafe.

When you have the correctly downloaded tool installed, be sure you;

1. Update the Malware Definitions to the latest version

2. Reboot your machine into Safe Mode

3. Run a Custom Scan that includes scanning for Rootkits

4. “Kill” anything that the machine finds

5. Reboot your machine, again into Safe Mode

6. Run a Custom Scan that includes scanning for Rootkits

If it’s clean, you’re done! If not, and subsequent loops don’t fix it, you may need heavier duty assistance in the form of professional help. At that point, a call to Nemark would be a good idea. Contact Us here to find out more.