Dropbox Case Study 1

Telecommunications Company

This firm helps SMEs everywhere stay at the cutting edge of digital transformation. With Dropbox, they can practice what they preach.


Files duplicated between on-premises servers and filing cabinets were creating confusion and complicating collaboration between internal teams and clients.


The company worked with long-time partner Nemark to create a shared workspace for employees in Dropbox – accessible from any location and device.


  • Saved thousands of pounds by avoiding server upgrades
  • Currently syncing over 750k files with the touch of a button
  • Using only 52GB of storage

Dropbox enables us to easily collaborate on content and share files with customers and clients. It means we are always working from the latest version – with everything saved down centrally in Dropbox – and that all edits are saved in real-time.”

Sam Hayes

Managing Director

About this client

The firm is based in Leeds, and provides internet, telephone and mobile services to local businesses – with a particular focus on SMEs. Specialising in providing professional and reliable voice and data networks for business, the firm helps its clients stay online and connected at all times.

Practice what you preach

Although trading in digital transformation, their 20-year heritage and outdated technology was holding the company back.  Documents and files were duplicated between an outdated office-based server and a series of cumbersome filing cabinets.  At the same time, employees frequently found themselves locked out of important documents while colleagues were editing. They knew a better solution was needed.

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Journey to Dropbox

Working with long-term IT partner, Nemark, they evaluated a number of cloud services. They eventually chose Dropbox because of how easy it is for employees and clients to collaborate on the same files in real time.

No more V3_final_FINAL

Working with an office-based server meant they were struggling with version control. This resulted in duplicated documents and wasted time trying to find the most up-to-date version of content. By using Dropbox to give employees and clients access to a single shared folder, everybody had access to the latest version in real-time – from any location and device.  No more servers, filing cabinets or content duplicates.

Security that makes sense

When sending files via email or handing out paper copies, the organisation had no control over who shared documents with whom.  Governing sensitive information, therefore, was a significant challenge. With Dropbox, the team simply save documents in a secure folder and share a link with clients – easily managing permissions and restricting downloads as they do.  This provides full control over who views what files – without causing unnecessary friction for those who require access.

Working from anywhere

Before Dropbox, the team were shackled to the office, since it was the only place they could access paper and server-based files.  Now, with Dropbox the team has the ability to access content and work from anywhere. That made a big difference when the pandemic hit – with employees simply picking up their laptops and continuing to work from home as normal. 

Remaining agile, resilient and online

With Dropbox and the dedicated support of Nemark, the business has been transformed from the ground up. Now, whatever happens with the pandemic or remote working in the future – they know their employees and clients can continue to collaborate and do their best work.

Nemark knew Dropbox was what we needed and they were absolutely right. Now we’ve ditched our old server and filing cabinets, we’re saving time, space and hassle. This not only means we are more productive as a team, but it means we are able to provide a better and more efficient service to our clients.”

Sam Hayes

Managing Director

If you want to find out more about Dropbox or our managed IT services, give us a call on 01302 540280.