SPAM EMAILS – If In Doubt Shout!

We have all seen the news about networks being hacked, money being stolen, people’s private data being taken or websites being brought down. It seems not even the most sophisticated networks are immune, with health organisations and blue-chip companies having been brought down for days or even weeks at a time.

Most of these attacks originate from SPAM emails, where unsuspecting staff click on that all important “iTunes password reset”, or the “tax refund” link, or the UPS delivery that they haven’t been expecting! Our best advice to you is this – “if you are not sure about an email, call your IT Support Company”.

Of course training and office culture has a crucial part to play and we recommend that every member of staff has an introduction to the risks, or even, sight of an IT manual explaining the importance of keeping vigilant when receiving emails. If you want to know more about how to spot these unscrupulous attacks on your computer network, get in touch with our support team on 01302 540280 or hit the Contact Us button now.

You could also follow our twitter feed too as we post daily about emerging attacks and scams. Some are brutal, most are avoidable through a powerful combination of diligence and technology.